February 5, 2020

Episode #10: How to Heal Your Inner Child

In this episode, Katharina will share with you what the inner child is and why it needs healing.

Biggest Takeaways:

The Inner Child is part of your psyche that never grows up. It is the part that holds your biggest joys, your creativity, and intuition.

However, most people did not grow up feeling just loved for who they were, and many did experience neglect, and worse, abuse.

Learning to heal the inner child will improve all parts of your life. You can start to feel more whole inside, heal old wounds, trauma and also old patterns that do not serve you anymore.

Discover how you can "re-parent" yourself and heal your inner child so that you can feel more well-being and joy in your life!

Katharina will also guide you through a simple, yet powerful healing exercise to send healing to your inner child. (Minute 7:00)

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