July 21, 2020

Episode #11:The Bigger Meaning of the Corona-Crisis and Your Role in It

Get an insight look from an intuitive about the Corona-crisis, and your role in it.


The world as we know it is changing. Old structures are falling away and it seems like the world is in deep chaos and turmoil. However, this crisis also contains the essence of a new beginning and the emergence of a new consciousness. And you are playing a big role in it!


In this podcast episode, how you can contribute to ushering in a new consciousness on this planet and how much your gifts are needed!


If you are an empath, sensitive, a healer, or a lightworker, and you would like to raise your consciousness, clear yourself from old blocks and emotions, and you want to find your true soulfamily, then check out "Soulfamily". https://drkatharina.com/soulfamily-offer/

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