September 4, 2019

Episode #8: How to Meditate to Increase Your Level of Consciousness

In this episode, Katharina will share with you one of the most powerful meditation techniques to help you increase your level of consciousness.

When you practice this meditation, you will become more aware in your day to day life and will be able to pull yourself out of the "trance" state. This is the state in which most people constantly find themselves in.

It is the state of being identified with the mind, which creates stress and anxiety. But you are much more than your mind. You are an infinite soul who is having a physical experience. 

By practicing this "awareness meditation", you will become happier, healthier, but most importantly, experience yourself as the beautiful soul you are.

Biggest takeaways:

  • Meditation is not about "not thinking".
  • Most people are constantly in a "trance" state, which means being identified with the mind.
  • Being able to pull yourself out of this trance state is the path to ultimate joy and freedom.

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