November 8, 2019

Episode #9: How to Move through the Dark Night of the Soul

In this episode, Katharina will share with you what the dark night of the soul is, and that it is actually a very common event that holds tremendous power for spiritual transformation.


Biggest Takeaways:

  • The Dark Night of the Soul is a type of initiation, which can happen either before, or after an authentic spiritual awakening.
  • You cannot spiritually advance without facing your shadow.
  • You are ultimately the light but you can only come to this conclusion when you have faced your shadow parts.

7 Signs You Are Experiencing A Dark Night of the Soul

1. You are going through a major life event like divorce, loss of your job, or death of a loved one.
2. You experience an intense feeling of loss.
3. Your life as you know it has lost its meaning.
4. You feel depressed, anxious and you have a hard time connecting with others.
5. You don’t know who you are anymore.
6. Nothing makes sense to you anymore.
7. You feel abandoned by God or The Universe.

Katharina will also give you 10 tips and tools on how to move through this difficult time in order to emerge as the person you were meant to be: Divine and whole.

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